May 15 Announcements

11 AM Student Release

  • Please see Mrs. LaRue about picking up your art this week.
  • Improv is recruiting new performers as well as the following positions; historian, social media assistant, graphic designer, stage manager and event coordinator. There is a meeting tomorow in room 12 if you want, come check it out!
    • Historian is in charge of attendance and keeping records of amounts raised at performances, as well as taking photos to be used in the yearbook and for promotions.
    • Social media assistant is in charge of promoting show and other events online, to include giving information to various newspapers.
    • Graphic designer is needed to help create posters to promote shows and will work closely with the social media assistant in promoting shows with images.
    • Stage manager is in charge of assisting with set up and take down for each show which includes bringing in and removing chairs, setting up a ticket booth area and decorations when used.
    • Event coordinator is the person who will help coordinate events between Chugiak High School and Eagle River high school in this upcoming year. This position will also coordinate team bonding activities and additional workshops.
  • Summer is for reading!  Chugiak students or staff that will be returning to CHS may check out 10 books  from the CHS library for the summer.  Summer checkouts require the return or renewal of currently checked out books.  Summer checkout begins Wednesday, May 16.  Due date is August 22.  Students will have the opportunity (not required) to exchange books on two open CHS Library days:  Tuesday, June 4 from 12 noon-2:30 p.m. and/or Thursday, July 26 from 9-11:30 a.m. (Use the front entrance to the building.) Students will receive guidelines at the time of checkout including instructions for the case of moving or changing schools.
  • It is time for the  2018/2019 Senior Locker Lottery.  This is a chance for Juniors to get those pristine Senior Lockers for the next school year.  Please come to the Attendance Office to complete your entry and choose your locker.  All entries are due Thursday, May 17th by 2:00 p.m.
  • Yearbook has a very limited number of yearbooks left to sell. We will be selling at the top of the ramp on Wednesday and Thursday until we run out. Yearbooks are $70.
  • “Integrity, the choice between what’s convenient and what’s right.” –Tony Dungy. Please take care of all of your responsibilities, including your printing debt in the Library.
  • Students: Is summer school part of your summer plans? Both I-school courses and traditional summer school registration is now open. Please enroll now while seats are still open. See your counselor for details.