Research Helps


Purdue University Online Writing Lab (OWL) Click on MLA or APA Style Guide in the  bottom center menu. MLA has a nice list of 9 core elements if you scroll down a bit.   If you need Chicago, search for it on the website. (Also a great writing guide!) url:

Google Docs EasyBib Add-On. This is an amazing and seamless tool for creation of citations.  This is not the EasyBib website.  To Add-On, open a google doc (new or old) click on Add-Ons in the menu bar (where it shows File, Edit, etc.), click Get Add-Ons, choose Easy Bib.  Click through the adding process (click free, click your asd account, click allow).  Now to use, click Add-Ons again and click EasyBib Bibliography Creator, and Manage Bibliography.  Click the appropriate type of source and follow the appropriate steps given.  WARNING: If you have an obscure source, or unvetted source, EasyBib may not be able to create a citation.  Then you have to go back to the OWL at Purdue listed above for directions.

BibMe: WARNING:  Be careful with Bibme, if you don’t enter the proper information you will not get a correct citation.  Bibme typically leaves out the Container Title, Publisher, and Publication date.  (See OWL at Purdue for explanations.)


Following are two great tools to evaluate the quality of sources for research papers and projects.

Checking for CRAAP (pronounced crawp):  Youtube video.  It will have to be viewed at home, but it is an excellent review of source evaluation:


From Kathy Schrock’s Guide to Everything:  worksheet to evaluate sites:

BEYOND SOURCES:  How to compile effective notes.

You have found a source that shows Currency, Relevance, Authority, Accuracy and appropriate Purpose.  You should have already skimmed the article.  Now what?

  • Read deeper.
  • Open a google doc.  Use a different page for each source.
  • Create a proper citation including the url at the top of the page.  UGH!  WHY?  Sometimes when you get several sources into the research and better understand the topic, you will want to return to a source.   Without the citation you may have difficulty finding it.  Save yourself a massive amount of time.  Also, when it comes time to do your citations, you copy and paste and its a few minutes instead of a half-hour task.
  • Using bullets and without looking at the article/source, jot down the important things you remember.
  • Go back to the article/source and start adding relevant, specific information to your notes.  Make notes very brief.  (This will help you to use your own words in writing rather than paraphrasing the article.)
  • Add appropriate quotes with quotation marks.  Highlight your quotes in another color making them easy to find for inserting in the appropriate place in your paper.
  • Start a new page in google docs for your next source and repeat.