Media Production Possibilities

The Chugiak High Library Learning Commons has media production equipment that is open to student use during the school day.  Equipment includes iMac computers with production programs such as iMovie and Garageband as well as music keyboards, sound box with microphone, tripod, ipad with Padcaster (microphone and additional lens) for filming, and a portable green screen.  The equipment is intended to be used by individual students and or small groups for creative personal and/or school use production.


Any student or staff with an individual or group creative project.


  • View the brief slideshow “Tips for Using The Media Lab.”
  • Open each program and explore the features.
  • Review other available equipment. Request equipment from Library Staff.
  • Make a basic outline of your ideas and requirements.
  • Obtain or write a script.
  • Storyboard your scenes (Storyboards look similar to comic book panels.  They are used to sequence the scenes and build the flow of the film. Storyboards take time, but that time pays dividends during production.)
  • Make necessary production notes for the film progression.
  • Determine equipment and personnel and time needs.
  • Determine filming techniques.
  • Film, revise, edit, save. (See Tips for Using the Media Lab slideshow above.)


  • iMac Computers for recording, editing, storing (4)
  • Green Screens (2 available)
  • Music Keyboards (2 available)
  • Sound box with Microphone (1 available)
  • Tripod (multiple available)
  • Padcaster for filming (ipad plus lenses and microphone–2 setups available)
  • additional mounts for phones and tablets to be used on a tripod
  • access to a sewing machine in the Maker space area for costuming
  • sign making supplies
  • access to printers


  • filming lights
  • Final Cut Pro film editing programs
  • large sound box
  • additional microphones and cords

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